All What You Need To Know About Seo

SEO is the first thing that pops out of our minds when we start talking about Google and Serp. So before deciding on creating a new website project, you should be knowledge of how the whole Seo thing works. so first of all, you need to check your targeted keywords and make a research on them to see if you have a chance on ‘s beating your competitors. Competition level varies from 0 to 1 and this called keywords difficulty. The first thing you need to do is to measure the difficulty of keywords and decide whether you are going to be able to compete or not. After that, you need to make on page SEO in order to make your posts keyword friendly with Google. For a certain keyword, it needs to appear more than one time in a post to be considered a keyword. All this may seem to be a hard process but in fact, it’s not. You just need an all Seo software that combines all the functions that you need in an SEO project like measuring authority, trust, and keyword difficulty. After implementing a good SEO strategy the whole process will them go smoothly.

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